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Warranty Items

Warranty Items Covered Under the Standard 1-Year Warranty:

  • Failure of mechanics in the house

  • Plumbing leaks

  • Electrical failure

  • Faulty appliances

  • Shrinkage of caulk lines - we will make a one-time repair

  • Nail pops - we will make a one-time repair

Non-Warranty Items:

  • Natural springs or any high ground water that appears in the yard

  • Water standing before a 48 hour timeframe has expired

  • Sod, trees, shrubs, soil erosion, retaining walls, and driveways

  • Mainipulation of drainage such as putting a flowerbed or shed in the middle of a drainage swale

  • Chips, scratches or marks on the tile, windows, walls, countertops, brick, or mirrors discovered after closing

  • Concrete - unless there is a significant separation or trip hazard

  • Bug problems such as ants, roaches, etc...

Sky Lake Construction does not include or provide a maintenance program for your home:

  • Home owner maintenance

  • Daily wear and tear that requires up-keeping

  • Painting, caulking, and cleaning

  • Damage due to homeowner neglect

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